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Sound & Light Show at Delhi U
- Dr. Anu Kapur, Dept of Geography

The Viceregal lodge became the office of the University of Delhi in 1933. Situated at the foot of the Aravali range, the Viceregal lodge is a spacious building, where the columns and verandhas confirm it is an elegant structure and a 'regal' lodge...

Launch of Community Radio station DUCR FM 90.4MHz at new site

The Community Radio of the University of Delhi DUCR FM 90.4MHz has been shifted from SOL campus to new location in UIC complex in stadium. The 50 Watt FM transmitter with antenna has been installed on the roof top of CIC building. A small Airconditioned cabin has been constructed to accommodate the transmitter...

Thoughts and Response after Receiving Second Prize for the Good Practices
of the Geography Department

It is important for any University and academic institution to disseminate their researches to the society in general and concerned stakeholders in particular. In India, there exists a gap between academic communities and policy makers. Antardhvan - 'A brain child' of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dinesh Singh, is filling the above gaps through this cultural and academic festival...

Message from Director, Lady Irwin College
on being declared as the first winner of the Awards of Good Practices - Antardhvani 2014. Lady Irwin College gets 10 Lakhs

Welcome to Antardhvani Cultural Festival

The DU Antardhvani Cultural Festival was conceptualized and started in 2011 and has become the showpiece event of India's highest rated university. In the brief duration of two years it has emerged as the medium for profiling the university’s cultural, sports and academic achievements. The last Antardhvani attracted about 1, 50,000 footfalls in three days.

The annual Cultural Festival of the University of Delhi was named 'Antardhvani' by Vice Chancellor, Professor Dinesh Singh. By listening to the 'inner voice', a student will discover his/ her calling in life, and be guided in the path of right action.

Important Dates

February 14 - 16, 2014

Location: Sports Complex, University of Delhi

Important Notices

DU Song

Winner of DU Song competition is Rahul Gupta, student of Music Honours, third year

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